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For foreign clients we also do the equipment final installation, for instance collimators to be used in the medical profession, components of X-ray machines, seats for hydraulic trolleys and other configurations as required by the client.


Trained workers can assemble the whole equipment into its final configuration, including test measurements, inspection, packaging and shipping. Integral part of the assembly is also completing smaller components and parts.


During equipment installation, it is important to follow technological procedures, coordination of the entire process and meticulous execution.


The installation consists of dozens of operations which must be carried out in a specified order.


The installation ends with a test operation and issuing a protocol of conducted test measurements and equipment functionality tests.


Painting and other surface treatments are outsourced and performed in accordance with standards stipulated by the client.



Seat assembly
Seat assembly
Components for seat assembly
Store of collimators for assembly
Dispatch store
Assembly of collimator
Measuring jig
Assembly of components
Assembly of components
Measuring of collimator
Store of components
Store of components
Checking of microswitches
Packaging of collimators
Screen-printing is done in a co-operation

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