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Toggle clamps are products that ensure quick, precise and safe cramping of components. Use of these toggle clamps easy solves problems with cramping when welding, sticking, mounting, riveting milling, boring, etc.


Advantage of these toggle clamps is high cramping speed and force together with minimum exertion of workers. All types of toggle clamps dispose of anticorrosive coating of all parts with zinc coating and dispose of oil resistant, plastic, ergonomic shaped handle. All types, apart from the smallest types, dispose of hardened bearing case. Toggle clamps can be controlled through air cylinders. When connected each other it is possible to control a few different clamps.


Toggle clamps are supplied in various designs and sizes so that each customer could choose clamps according to his needs. We also offer some additional equipment that extends use of clamps. We are ready to provide you with all other information concerning production and use of toggle clamps.


In here you can download price list of toggle clamps



Example of the possible use of clamping devices
Assembly of clamps
Bending on a folding brake CUP-10-DEU
Air clamps
View of the workshop

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